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The New Valutek (And Why You Should Care About It)

Companies claim to be doing new, interesting and innovative stuff all the time. They roll out new branding or announce a new tag line. But how often does it actually positively affect customers?

Recently, Domino’s CEO Patrick Doyle famously called out his company’s terrible-tasting pizza, and announced that they were now offering a bold new recipe. It was risky a move, admitting his core product’s major fault (they even tagged the campaign “Oh Yes We Did”). But it worked – it got the attention of customers, bloggers, media and more. And now, three out of five people say they prefer the taste of Domino’s over Pizza Hut or Papa John’s.

Alright, enough talking about pizza, it’s making us hungry anyway.

Valutek has been taking a long, hard look at the critical environments industry – and our role in it – for ways to improve the customer experience. What we’ve come up with, as a company, are these important areas to enhance:

  • Inventory
  • Customer Service
  • Online Ordering
  • Sales Service

In fact, we are so proud of the changes we’ve been making around here, we made a commercial about it! We are certain that all of this work will directly benefit you, the customer (not just look good on a press release).

But, a picture’s worth a thousand words, so we’ll let the video do the talking.

Watch it below, and be sure to go to “The New Valutek” page on our Web site for details on the discount promo we’re running in conjunction with our video release!


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