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  • Cleanroom Wipers

  • Cleanroom Gloves

    Cleanroom Gloves
  • Cleanroom Adhesive Mats

    Cleanroom Adhesive Mats
  • Cleanroom Apparel

    Cleanroom Apparel
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Cleanroom Products

Cleanroom Wipers are typically used to remove contamination from all surfaces of critical environments, and are also used for wiping and cleaning products. Cleanroom Wipers are designed to effectively pick up wet and dry contaminants and to hold contaminants for proper disposal.

Cleanroom Gloves serve a critical function inside a cleanroom. Cleanroom Gloves make direct contact with both the operator and the product. The five attributes to consider when selecting gloves is Particle Count, Dexterity, Extractable Count, ESD & Chemical Compatibility.

Adhesive Mats minimize the amount of contamination that enters a controlled environment. Contamination can enter a cleanroom by way of shoes, cart wheels & other sources. Mat Frames are used to provide a uniform & effective base for adhering mats securely.

Cleanroom Apparel are designed to be your frontline defense against contamination. Valutek’s cleanroom apparel products include bouffant caps, beard covers, mask/ear loops, facemasks, labcoats, coveralls, sleeves, shoe covers & boot covers.

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