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Choosing the Right Pre-Wetted Wiper option for your critical environment task

Pre- Wetted Wiper Pail

The Valutek resealable pail guarantees that your last pre-wetted wipe will be as consistently saturated as the first. Our refillable pail containers are environmentally friendly, minimizing solvent evaporation, and reducing operator solvent exposure


Recommended for: High Volume applications, usage of 25+ wipers per shift

  • Starter Kit: Pail + 150 wipers (2 bags) Refill: 75 wipes (1 bag)
  • Durable Hinged Top. Positive Closure: Product remains wet – Reduced out gassing
  • Sturdy Recyclable and Refillable Pail: Minimize cost by refilling the pail. Durable containers are made of 100% recyclable plastic. Simply refill the pail with convenient refill bags
  • Stock high volume of Pre-Wetted Wipers: Storage up to 150 wipes in the pail, ensuring you have adequate wipers for large scale tasks

Refill Bags 

  • Vacuum Packed: All chemistry is driven into wiper substrate, ensuring uniform saturation.Eliminates excess liquid in packaging
  • Transparent Packaging: Inspect to ensure product is particle-free

Pre-Wetted Wiper Resealable Bag

Valutek’s transparent, vacuum packaged, zip lock resealable packaging is the first break thru in pre-wetted wipers since their introduction.

Recommended for: Low Volume applications, usage of 10-25 wipers per shift

How can this innovation improve your cleaning efficacy?

  • Pre-Wetted-Pouch3 Film layers: 3 is better than 2! Laminated film has 2 layers. The Valutek film is a new film from 3 layers. The required third layer replaces foil laminates high barrier applications.
  • Zip lock closure: Positive seal versus adhesive label, once package is opened, wipers will stay pre-wetted longer
  • Transparent Packaging:  Monitor quantity remaining and inspect to ensure product is particle-free
  • Vacuum packed: All chemistry is driven into wiper substrate, ensuring uniform saturation.
    Eliminates excess liquid in pack- aging
  • Flat bag: Allows easy storage

pre wetted wiper valutek

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