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What you don’t know about flammable liquid use in your cleanroom…

  1. Procurement, storage and document control of flammable solvents is not a walk in the park. Chemical purchasing, storage, blending, dispensing, usage, and disposal require internal resources. Updated MSDS documentation must be keep on-site.


2. Bulk chemical blending and batch filling of squeeze bottles requires protective gear, a dedicated chemical handling fume hood, and a hazardous material plan. Liquid solvents represent a higher flammability risk “3”, versus a lower flammability risk “2” for the same solvent that is pre-saturated into a wiper substrate.


3. Operator exposure to an outgassing solvent in an air turbulent controlled environment is not an OSHA winning strategy. At normal room temperatures, liquid solvents give off enough vapors to form burnable mixtures with air, which represents an environmental safety risk. Outgassing volatile organic solvents represent an operator toxic inhalation risk.

Cleanroom-Cleaning copy

4. Disposal requirements of a flammable liquid. Good manufacturing practices recommends complete traceability of flammable solvents from cradle to grave.

insp with drums

Reduce your operator volatile organic liquid solvent exposure while improving your wiper efficacy with the Valutek Pre-Wetted Wipers solution.

How?  Valutek eliminates these non-value added activities that pose environmental liability and employee exposure risk to your organization.

  • Safety:  Eliminate the need for in-plant mixing, solvent handling & transport, and open solvent containers throughout your critical environment.
  • Environmental awareness: by eliminating solvent cans and excessive solvent use, Pre-Saturated wipes reduce needless evaporation, and overuse of volatile organic compounds
  • Efficacy: Wipers are wetted to exactly 38% of the total wiper sorbent capacity  to ensure ideal mix of dwell time, and cleaning capability. An “over-saturated” wiper cross-contaminates particles. Independent studies confirm that operators “over-saturate” their dry wiper.

  • Cost Reduction: Pre-Wetted wipers eliminate all the direct and indirect costs associated with solvent handling.
  • Vacuum sealed: All chemistry is driven into wiper substrate, ensuring uniform saturation from the wiper edge to center, and from the first to the last dispensed pre-wetted wiper.
  • Innovative 3 layer film:  Transparent packaging with a lower vapor barrier transmission rate versus traditional metallic film.
  • Custom cleaning Solution:  Choose the wiper substrate (non-woven & polyester), edge treatment (knife, laser, & ultrasonic), the chemistry and concentration you need.  Valutek will manufacturer to you specification with no minimum order, to ensure maximum shelf life.

Valutek Pre-Wetted Wipers Engineered Solution



Choosing the Right Pre-Wetted Wiper option for your critical environment task

Pre- Wetted Wiper Pail

The Valutek resealable pail guarantees that your last pre-wetted wipe will be as consistently saturated as the first. Our refillable pail containers are environmentally friendly, minimizing solvent evaporation, and reducing operator solvent exposure


Recommended for: High Volume applications, usage of 25+ wipers per shift

  • Starter Kit: Pail + 150 wipers (2 bags) Refill: 75 wipes (1 bag)
  • Durable Hinged Top. Positive Closure: Product remains wet – Reduced out gassing
  • Sturdy Recyclable and Refillable Pail: Minimize cost by refilling the pail. Durable containers are made of 100% recyclable plastic. Simply refill the pail with convenient refill bags
  • Stock high volume of Pre-Wetted Wipers: Storage up to 150 wipes in the pail, ensuring you have adequate wipers for large scale tasks

Refill Bags 

  • Vacuum Packed: All chemistry is driven into wiper substrate, ensuring uniform saturation.Eliminates excess liquid in packaging
  • Transparent Packaging: Inspect to ensure product is particle-free

Pre-Wetted Wiper Resealable Bag

Valutek’s transparent, vacuum packaged, zip lock resealable packaging is the first break thru in pre-wetted wipers since their introduction.

Recommended for: Low Volume applications, usage of 10-25 wipers per shift

How can this innovation improve your cleaning efficacy?

  • Pre-Wetted-Pouch3 Film layers: 3 is better than 2! Laminated film has 2 layers. The Valutek film is a new film from 3 layers. The required third layer replaces foil laminates high barrier applications.
  • Zip lock closure: Positive seal versus adhesive label, once package is opened, wipers will stay pre-wetted longer
  • Transparent Packaging:  Monitor quantity remaining and inspect to ensure product is particle-free
  • Vacuum packed: All chemistry is driven into wiper substrate, ensuring uniform saturation.
    Eliminates excess liquid in pack- aging
  • Flat bag: Allows easy storage

pre wetted wiper valutek

Luck O’ the Irish: Free Pre-Wetted Wiper Product from Valutek

Seeing pictures of the Chicago River dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day got us over here at Valutek thinking about chemicals. Chemicals are what make it possible to dye the 156-mile-long river a pleasant emerald shade, and they also make it possible to keep your critical environments clean.
A wiper wetted with IPA enhances the cleaning ability of that wiper. But are you using too much or too little chemistry? The preferred concentration of IPA is:

  • Life Sciences: 70% At this concentration, you reach the highest level of kill for bacteria; any higher percentage does not increase the kill rate
  • Electronics: 6% Many semi conductor controlled environments use concentrations as high as 90%, which is unnecessary as bacteria are not a concern in these environments

At Valutek, we love saying “Any Chemical, Any Substrate, Any Time.” That means your cleanroom can get exactly the concentration it needs in a pre-wetter wiper, which saves time and money over a dry wiper/squeeze bottle system.

Why not make the switch today? Right now, you can take advantage of our Luck O’ the Irish promo, which offers 1 FREE Pre-Wetted Wiper product when you buy any 2. But hurry! It won’t be long before this special St. Patrick’s Day promo ends!

Find out more about the promo and watch a special video series on wipers with Dr. Howard Siegerman by clicking here.

View Valutek’s line of pre-wetted cleanroom wipes here.

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