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Evolution of the Cleanroom Glove



Price of Rubber Pushed Up by Cartel

The Wall Street Journal produced an interesting article about the current situation of rubber production in Southeast Asia.  The cartel that controls the majority of the worlds rubber supply are clamping down on supply to increase prices.  The increase in rubber price is the direct reason for the rising cost of latex gloves, the article estimates 60% of the cost of latex gloves comes from latex prices.  Click here to view the full article.

The rising cost of latex is just one of the major reasons to make the transition to nitrile gloves.  The Nitrile 4G Ultrathin series is a series of nitrile gloves that are made with less nitrile but is comparably just as strong as other latex or nirtile gloves.  Nitrile 4G series features the standard cuff measuring 9.5” length, and the long cuff measuring 12” in length.

How are Gloves Made?

Today Valutek is bringing you a very informative and interesting video that takes you behind the scenes of glove production. Nearly 27 billion disposable gloves were sold in the United States alone, this Valutek sponsored video shows the complete process of how disposable gloves are created. The video shows the complete process that starts with the cleaning of the forms through nitric acid, nylon brushes and filtered water then ends with the final product being blown off at the finish of the dip-line. The video shows this amazing process that involves 4,800 formers and produces approximately 10,200 gloves in a single hour!

The video above is also located on the Valutek website by clicking here. If you would like to view more videos you can follow us on VodPod, follow us on Youtube, visit the Valutek website or go to gsfcc.org and watch the featured GSFCC Videos section on the main page. Also do not forget to visit the Global Society for Contamination Control (GSFCC) at Semicon West 2011 July 12-14 in San Francisco, California. The GSFCC’s booth will be located at the north Hall of the Moscone Center at booth N4.

Article notes latex prices have increased 82% over the previous year.

Skyrocketing global prices of latex has influenced one of the world’s leading latex exporting countries to force its domestic customers to look elsewhere.  Selling latex to foreign markets provides larger orders with commitment to buy from these companies despite the drastic annual increase in price.  Click here to read the article.

While the article is interesting, the recent buying behaviors of our clients show this strategy may not work very well. Our clients are buying more synthetic gloves now than ever before. Our clients say the reasons for the change include the potential allergic reactions involved with using latex products along with the rapidly rising cost of latex.  At Valutek, we continue to educate and recommend that our clients purchase synthetic gloves made from Nitrile or PVC.

Rising Latex Prices Impacting Other Industries

The rising costs of raw latex materials is impacting more than just latex glove customers. See how these rising costs are impacting the price customers are paying in another industry. Click here to read more.

In our industry, rising cost is one of many reasons we recomend that our customers use latex alternatives such as Nitrile or PVC.

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