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Defining Cleanroom Gloves, Know the Difference

Do you know the difference between Cleanroom grade gloves and standard disposable glove?  Well there is a lot that comes into play when defining and selecting the proper glove for the process and environment at hand.  We have put together a Cleanroom Glove guide that gives a rundown on everything from the substrate and manufacturing process all the way to sizing. disposable

Click this link to view the Valutek guide to cleanroom gloves



Price of Rubber Pushed Up by Cartel

The Wall Street Journal produced an interesting article about the current situation of rubber production in Southeast Asia.  The cartel that controls the majority of the worlds rubber supply are clamping down on supply to increase prices.  The increase in rubber price is the direct reason for the rising cost of latex gloves, the article estimates 60% of the cost of latex gloves comes from latex prices.  Click here to view the full article.

The rising cost of latex is just one of the major reasons to make the transition to nitrile gloves.  The Nitrile 4G Ultrathin series is a series of nitrile gloves that are made with less nitrile but is comparably just as strong as other latex or nirtile gloves.  Nitrile 4G series features the standard cuff measuring 9.5” length, and the long cuff measuring 12” in length.

Interview With ETH Professor Christofer Hierold About Nanotechnology

Prof. Hierold - Photo: Philippe Neidhart/ETH Zurich

Photo: Philippe Neidhart/ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich Professor Christofer Hierold researches and works with nanotechnology.  ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, conducted an interview with Professor Heirold to discuss the structures, materials and applications of nanotechnology.  Professor Heirold talks about his fascination with nanotechnology, how their specific work in their cleanroom would be hazardous if they did not take proper steps to protect themselves with masks, gloves, etc., and how technology has almost unlimited possibilities.  Click here to read the full interview.

Nanotechnology Degree Programs are Available Due to More and More Companies Utilizing Nanotechnology for Products

More and more universities around the world are starting to offer a degree in nanotechnology.  The increase in companies that utilize nanotechnology to create products, such as pharmaceutical or electronic companies, has brought about awareness of the need for more nanotechnology educational programs.  Ivy Tech Community College in South Bend, Indiana has decided to create a nanotechnology program for students.  Ivy Tech is developing the two year program to prepare students for any technical career that utilizes nanotechnology, such as cleanroom equipment operators or technicians. Click here to read the full article about South Bends developing nanotechnology program.

Article notes latex prices have increased 82% over the previous year.

Skyrocketing global prices of latex has influenced one of the world’s leading latex exporting countries to force its domestic customers to look elsewhere.  Selling latex to foreign markets provides larger orders with commitment to buy from these companies despite the drastic annual increase in price.  Click here to read the article.

While the article is interesting, the recent buying behaviors of our clients show this strategy may not work very well. Our clients are buying more synthetic gloves now than ever before. Our clients say the reasons for the change include the potential allergic reactions involved with using latex products along with the rapidly rising cost of latex.  At Valutek, we continue to educate and recommend that our clients purchase synthetic gloves made from Nitrile or PVC.

Rising Latex Prices Impacting Other Industries

The rising costs of raw latex materials is impacting more than just latex glove customers. See how these rising costs are impacting the price customers are paying in another industry. Click here to read more.

In our industry, rising cost is one of many reasons we recomend that our customers use latex alternatives such as Nitrile or PVC.

Valutek’s Cleanroom Gloves Blow-Out Starts … NOW!

Right now, Valutek is offering dozens of gloves products, including nylon, latex, PVC and nitrile, at rock-bottom prices (some start at just $9.95 per case!).

Download the full list of discounted glove products right now

Act now and you can order a case of Latex Powder-Free Gloves for $40.95, or a case of Nitrile Powder-Free Bagged Gloves for $55.95.

But act fast, these deals are only available as supplies last. Find out more about the big cleanroom gloves sale by clicking here, or find out more about all of Valutek’s products, incluing adhesive mats, wipers, cleanroom paper and more, by visiting http://www.valutek.com/.

Learn more about all of Valutek’s cleanroom gloves products here.

More info on Valutek’s controlled environment latex gloves.

Valutek’s Latex Cleanroom Gloves provide excellent protection against contamination and chemicals such as alkalies, acids, alcohols and ketones. (For those allergic to latex, Valutek offers alternatives such as nitrile and PVC.)

Valutek’s controlled environment latex gloves offerings include 9-inch and 12-inch Powder-Free Cleanroom Gloves, either bagged or boxed, as well as a 9” Powdered Latex Glove.

Valutek’s Boxed Disposable Latex gloves are an excellent all-purpose glove for non-critical environments. They are disposable and lightweight, powder-free and chlorinated. They are ambidextrous and have textured fingertips for improved grip.

Valutek’s Bagged Disposable Latex gloves are bagged and vacuum-sealed to reduce contamination and improve cleanliness. They are processed in a controlled environment and are powder-free and lightweight.

Quality Control
Valutek controls the specifications of its critical environment gloves from inception to delivery in its distribution centers. Beginning with the acquisition of raw material, Valutek selects 100% virgin vinyl, latex and nitrile, which is converted into gloves through a series of industry-standard processes. This guarantees that all Valutek gloves exceed your quality specifications.

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