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Pegasus Cleanroom Services E-news

Pegasus Cleanroom Services puts out an informative e-news letter that you can sign up for by clicking here.  This week’s e-news features information on Indoor Environmental Quality, how to keep your business data center running at the most efficient level, and more.  A special offer for 20% off our VTSNTR-99 non woven wiper is also included on this E-news letter.  Click here to view E-news, and don’t forget to sign up for Pegasus Cleanroom Services E-news!


Send Valutek Your Best April Fool’s Day Prank for a Chance to Win an iPod!

It’s April Fool’s Day, and you know what that means: being on the alert for pranks, hoaxes and general foolishness from your friends and co-workers.

Whether you’ve plotted a fantastic prank, or you’ve been on the receiving end of a fantastic prank, Valutek wants to hear about it!

Submit your best April Fool’s Day prank for a chance to win a brand-new iPod Nano Multi-Touch! All submissions must be made by 5 p.m. on April 27, 2011, to be considered. The winning prank will be announced on this blog on April 28, 2011. Good luck!

For more about the contest and to submit your prank, click here.


The Outfitter of Cleanroom Operators — What is the No. 1 goal in a critical environment? To produce consistent and high-quality product and research, right? And that starts with a cleanroom’s operators. You operate your controlled environment to ensure consistency of your product and research, and getting your operators to perform at their highest level is a very demanding task.

At Valutek, we get that.

With 23 years in the controlled environment industry, we know that a cleanroom can be a very uncomfortable place to work: it’s cold, it’s sterile and it’s hard work. We know what operators care about when it comes to consumables: comfort, fit and function. We also know what matters to you: cost, quality and compliance. By using Valutek for all of your cleanroom consumable needs – from apparel to gloves, wipers to mops – operators can get back to concentrating on their critical tasks, not focusing on an uncomfortable garment. 

To find out more, visit www.valutek.com or call 800-763-1250 (North America); or 604-310-6111 (Asia).

Valutek Works to Be a Good Corporate Citizen

Kudos to Valutek CEO Greg Heiland for appearing in the Arizona Republic’s recent article on Phoenix’s (Valutek’s North American headquarters) New Markets Tax Allocation.

Valutek was just one of several Phoenix business that took advantage of the program that offers favorable lending to companies that in turn commit to creating new jobs and expanding in areas in need of revitalization.

Or, as Greg puts it in the article, “We committed to being a good corporate citizen.”

So, what does this mean to our valued clients? It means that we can improve our community while also adding to our Phoenix-based sales team, which services customers just like you nationwide. Pretty cool, huh? We think that’s exactly what they call a “win-win” situation.

Read the full press release, which includes a link to the Arizona Republic article, by clicking here.

Just some of our recent staff additions include:

Gary Coraggio, Sales & Marketing Director
He has successfully managed multi-million-dollar sales teams on local and international levels for more than 15 years, and brings extensive sales and marketing experience in the health care industry. Gary’s background and expertise is in gloves and infection control products.
Read more about Gary here.

Marla Bouise, Account Executive
Marla’s expertise lies in gloves, facemasks and disposable apparel. Marla  works with Valutek clients nationwide, focusing on the Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, upstate New York, Southern California and Phoenix-metro regions.
Read more about Marla here.

Michael Clark, Account Executive
Michael Clark brings more than 19 sales years experience in the dental and medical supplies industry, where his expertise was in infection control and OSHA compliance. Michael works with Valutek clients nationwide, with a few of his territories including North and South Carolina, Minnesota, Florida, New York, Northern California and the Phoenix-metro area.
Read more about Mike here.

Travis Watkins, Distributor Account Executive
Travis consulted within the cleanroom industry for a decade before teaming up with long-time colleague and Valutek founder Greg Heiland in 2011. Watkins holds certifications as a Chemical Process Engineer and as a Contamination Control Engineer.
Read mor about Travis here.

Valutek CEO Greg Heiland Named Outstanding Leader

As the quote goes, “Being a good manager means doing things right; being a good leader means doing the right things.”

In other words, being not just a good, but a great, leader is hard work. It’s something that you have to consciously work toward every day. That’s why we were so proud and excited to receive news that Valutek CEO Greg Heiland was honored with an Outstanding Leadership Award from the U.S. Leaders and Entrepreneur’s Association (USLEA).

Each year, the USLEA cherry-picks a handful of leaders from the business community and recognizes them for their admirable drive, their resiliency and for their ability to enhance the positive image of entrepreneurs from all fields and industries.

Some quick history on Greg: he is a “serial entrepreneur,” having founded three firms from inception to sustainable business, including Sierra Scientific and Valutek. At Valutek, he holds the title not only of CEO, but of Cleanroom Technology Expert, having been in the industry for almost 30 years. He is a C-level executive in the cleanroom market, having been in the industry since 1982, and currently supports cleanrooms in North America, Europe and Asia. He is a proven thought leader in this field, founding CleanroomForum.com and helping develop the only cleanroom wiki, GSFCC.org.

You can read up on the award and hear Greg’s comments on the recognition by clicking the hyperlink above.

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