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Dead Batteries and Annoying Phone Calls – Supercapacitors

Imagine not having to charge your cellphone for weeks on end… or an electric car that can be charged up for a 300-mile trip in about the same time it takes to fill a gas tank, instead of having to plug it in overnight. Battery-makers have been trying to sell us that dream for years, yet – as Boeing clearly demonstrated with its Dreamliner – the technology still has a ways to go.  Sure, the new Tesla Model S can get nearly 300 miles per charge, but it takes anywhere from 8+ hours using an RV/campsite type outlet (which many owners of the luxury car are paying to have installed in their garages) to 65+ hours using a standard 110V home outlet to charge it up. If you are lucky enough to live or work near one of their “supercharger” stations, you can fill it half up in just 30 minutes, but there are very few available right now…

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