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Pre-Summer Sale Until May 25th!

Valutek is offering a pre-summer promo sale until May 25th. We have a variety of discounted cleanroom products available for purchase and immediate delivery.

* Call your Valutek Representative or 800-763-1250 to receive the promo pricing while supplies last. 

Cleanroom Non Woven Wiper
Item Number: VTSNTR

Eliminate contamination safely with the use of Valutek’s BEST SELLING WIPER, the non woven wiper. Non Woven wipers can be used either for cleaning, as they are chemically resistant to most cleaning agents, or for general wiping purposes. Non woven wipers are made from clean, durable synthetic fibers, and their substrate is highly absorbent.

Sizes: 9″x9″ and 12″x12″

Promo Price: $11.95 (both sizes) per bag

Cleanroom Shoe Cover
Item Number: VTSHCVPL-WH
Complete protection and greater comfort with Valutek’s cross-linked polyethylene (CPE) shoe cover. Low density CPE is impervious to liquids, lint-free, and does not run or bleed when exposed to water. The CPE shoe cover is disposable and lightweight yet strong and durable with elastic ankle cuffs and long-lasting sole traction.

Color: White

Promo Price: $12.95 per case –  Up To 30% Savings! 

Cleanroom Nylon Fingerless Glove Liner
Item Number: VTGNLR-1/2
Keep operators happy with Valutek’s cleanroom nylon fingerless glove liner. Glove liners, also known as undergloves, make wearing a cleanroom glove more comfortable to the operator. Constructed of a breathable, 13-gauge, 100% virgin nylon knit, provides a comfortable barrier of air between the operator’s skin and glove.

Sizes: One size fits all

Promo Price: $10.95 per bag  –  Buy 3 Bags, Get 1 Bag FREE  


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