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Want a Live Peek Inside one of NASA’s Cleanrooms?

Here in the Valutek office, we’ve made a fascinating discovery – a live feed from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where technicians are working on the next Mars rover, dubbed “Curiosity.”

Today, around noon, about 12 technicians crowded around the vehicle, taking photos, discussing important things (we assume, maybe they were making lunch plans) and inspecting parts. They were of course sporting cleanroom apparel, including coveralls, hoods, booties and face masks.

The Web site that features the live feed explains, “Technicians assembling and testing the Mars Science Laboratory, aka Curiosity, are covered head-to-toe in “bunny suits.” These white smocks, booties and facemasks help protect against Earthly contaminants hitching a ride to Mars.” The site also features videos explaining how the rover is made, how it navigates and other interesting facts about their work.

The site was presumably designed for school children, to stimulate their interest in space and science, but we think it’s pretty cool, too! Have a look at the live feed of the NASA cleanroom for yourself by clicking here.

With our own “Curiosity” now piqued, we searched for other controlled environments willing to let anyone with an Internet connection watch their technicians work. And we came across the University of Alberta’s Nano Fab.

This site really lets your inner voyeur have fun by providing a floor plan of their cleanroom, including the Gowning and Inspection rooms, and Sputtering and Bonding areas. Simply click on your room of choice, and viola! We caught a glimpse of some operators changing into their cleanroom apparel, and even using proper gowning techniques. Watch the live feed from the University of Alberta’s NanoFab by clicking here.


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