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Save 20 Percent on Valutek Cleanroom Wipers!

The average critical environment spends up 25 percent of its cleanroom consumables budget on wipers. Right now, Valutek is offering a savings of 20 percent on the purchase of two popular cleanroom wipes: the Non-Woven Wiper and the Pre-Wetted Wiper. Click here to get the promo code to save now – and act fact because the deal ends May 8th!

Valutek’s Non-Woven Cleanroom Wipers are ideal for electronics applications and for general use in pharma and semiconductor environments. And Valutek’s non-woven cleanroom wipers are made from clean, durable synthetic fibers in a substrate that is highly absorbent.

Valutek’s Pre-Wetted Cleanroom Wipers, or pre-saturated wipers, offer convenience and time savings. No need to measure out and pre-mix chemicals: this wiper is packaged in solvent safe container with a pre-determined amount of solvent already added. Valutek Pre-Wetted Cleanroom Wipers come in vacuum-sealed bags and with a re-sealable plastic tub to guarantee that your last wiper is as fresh as your first.

Even more reasons to use Valutek’s Pre-Wetted Wipers:

  • Pre-Wetted enhances the wiper’s effectiveness and absorbing capacity
  • Pre-Wetted offer consistent performance for your cleanroom operations
  • Pre-Wetted wipers reduce airborne contamination from solvent bottle dispensers, sprays and spills
  • Valutek’s refillable pails are environmentally friendly, minimizing solvent evaporation and reducing out-gassing
  • All Pre-Wetted containers are made of 100% recyclable plastic


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