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Cleanroom Adhesive Mats: Get the most for your money by using them correctly

Every product and procedure in the cleanroom serves a very specific purpose. Do you know why you remove each mat sheet by starting at the edges and pulling inward toward to the middle? Do you know why you must store tacky mats horizontally and not vertically? Maybe you don’t know that’s the correct way to use adhesive mats – and that’s ok! At Valutek we are here to help.

We want to make sure you get the most for your money when it comes our (and even others’) cleanroom consumables. Educating yourself on the proper way to use and store your cleanroom supplies will improve their performance and save you money. This week, we introduced a new video series on adhesive mats, which includes short instructional and educational clips.

First, you will learn how to properly store adhesive mats to avoid damaging the film and rendering the mat unusable. Next, you will learn how to properly place an adhesive mat on the floor to ensure you are not creating a safe harbor for contaminates to reside. Finally, you will learn how to properly remove each sheet to avoid spreading the captured particles back out into the environment.

Watch Now: How to Properly Place a Cleanroom Adhesive Mat

Watch Now: How to Correctly Remove an Adhesive Mat Sheet

Learn … and Then Save!

In tandem with our new video series, Valutek is running a discount promo on adhesive mats! For a limited time, get 15% off select MacroTek adhesive mats, and 20% off select MicroTek mats. Click here to find out more about how you can save on cleanroom adhesive “tacky” mats.

View the full press release on the Adhesive Mats Video Series release

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