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Got Wiper Questions? Valutek’s New Video Series Has Answers

What percentage of IPA should I use in my cleanroom? Are pre-wetted controlled environment wipers really more expensive than using dry wipes and mixing my own chemistry? What should I look for in a pre-wetted wiper?

The newest educational video series from Valutek tackles these questions and more, offering facts and professional advice from industry expert and author of Wiping Surfaces Clean, Dr. Howard Siegerman.

 Valutek’s Pre-Wetted Wipers educational video series features Dr. Siegerman as he discusses several helpful topics related to cleanroom wipers. In “Substrate and Chemistry of a Pre-Wetted Wiper,” Siegerman offers recommendations on the specific percentage of isopropyl alcohol suitable for several types of cleanrooms. Many controlled environment operators and managers may be surprised to learn that they are using too high a percentage of IPA in their cleanrooms.

In “Why Use a Pre-Wetted Wiper?,” Dr. Siegerman explains the misconceptions about pre-wetted wipes, including their cost as compared to using a dry wipe saturated by an operator using a squeeze bottle.

In “Advantages of a Pre-Wetted Wiper,” Dr. Siegerman discusses how using pre-wetted wipers in a critical environment helps maintain a set level of cleanliness in that environment, as the chemistry and saturation of each wipe is pre-determined to the cleanroom’s specifications.

Want even more great tips on cleanroom wipers? View all three videos at Valutek’s Web site, or on Valutek’s YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/user/valutekvideos.

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