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Effective and Convenient Cleaning With Pre-Wetted Wipes

Convenient Cleaning
Convenience is the factor that makes pre-wetted wipers popular for the use in maintaining cleanroom surfaces. Wipers and the optimum level of cleaning solvent is combined in a single package of pre-wetted wipers, provides everything needed for the task at hand.

Wetting Levels
The optimum wetting level for wipers is about 50% to 60% of capacity which is about half the amount of liquid a wiper could hold at saturation. A mandatory gowning procedure in a clean room would be the wearing of gloves. Gloves make it difficult to know how much liquid is dispensed onto a  wiper from a squirt bottle.

Wetting the wiper over the desired wetting level leads to sub-optimum removal of contaminants  from surfaces. The excess liquid on the wiper  will move contaminants around rather then remove them. On the other hand, too little liquid on the wiper makes it difficult to remove contaminants from the surface.

Pre-wetted wipers can be made to order with a desired wipe and chemistry concentration.

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