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Variety of Cleanroom products at your disposal

Cleaning is an extremely important issue that needs to be dealt on a daily basis, especially at workplace. In industries, it is more necessary as safety is a major concern. There are several cleanroom products available which help in achieving the goal of clean, contamination-free and a healthy environment.

Everyone seeks a healthy environment and especially in pharmaceutical and bio-medical industries; it is a priority for them. Several clean room products are needed to maintain clean surroundings and also helps to control any sort of skin allergies and allergies and prevent the operator from them. The basic products that are needed in cleaning are wipers, different kinds of apparel like masks, bouffant caps, labcoats etc, gloves, gloves liners, adhesive mats and ESD products- Electrostatic Discharge Prevention.

While choosing adhesive mats, there are three factors that are needed to take into consideration, the first one being track level, the other being the adhesive softness and last but not the least adhesive thickness. The frames too are very useful as they provide a solid base to the mats and hold them firmly in place. The best thing about them is that they allow the removal of the last sheet too. Apart from the usage, they also make the mats look attractive and enhance their overall look.

Apparel too are available such as the bouffant cap which is an important apparel accessory as it helps in shedding of hair and as a result keeps the surrounding clean.  They are very lightweight and do not make the person feel any burden. Masks too are another useful product and protect the user from any sort of contamination and protect the face from various diseases that one might catch up while catch during working. You can get coveralls also and as the name suggests they cover the entire body and include a full body suit with shoe or boot covers, mask and gloves. Shoe and boot covers protect room from shoe borne contamination and they are made up of spunbond polypropylene. A wide range of gloves are also available and glove liners are available in half and full finger.

Another basic product that is used in the cleaning process is wipers. They are available in huge variety and one of them is nylon wipers which are helpful in minimizing degradation during the process of wiping of surfaces. Another type of wipers which are in great demand is saturated wipers. They help in reducing airborne contamination from various things like chemical storage and spills etc.

Thus, there are a number of highly useful and effective cleanroom products that are available and you can easily make the cleaning process more effective and contamination free in bio-medical, electronic and pharmaceutical industries.

www.valutek.com has been providing cleanroom products such as wipers, adhesive mats, clean room mats and apparels like coveralls, gloves etc. We have served a huge number of clients in pharmaceutical, electronic and bio-medical industries since 1988. Valutek believes in providing world class products and great customer service too.


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