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Cleaning & maintenance our ultimate goal

If you are looking for cleaning and maintenance products that will serve the cleaning needs to the fullest, we, at www.valutek.com are here to serve your requirements.

We say with pride that we offer the cleanroom products that are best in the industry and assure you of their high quality. We have a long list of products that help in the cleaning process from start to finish. We provide various items like wipers, apparel, adhesive mats, Gloves, gloves liners. Our stock of wipers includes MacroTek and MicroTek wipers, and then there are polyester, non-woven, microfiber, nylon and presaturated wipers. Our stock of apparel includes masks, shoe and boot covers, sleeves, bouffant caps, coveralls and labcoats. Our adhesive mats include both mats and frames.

Well, we not only care about your cleaning needs but your safety too. We have a wide range of ESD Electrostatic Discharge prevention products which include ESD Gloves, Wipes, finger Cots, wrist Straps and heels. ESD prevention is of grave concern and we take every step to ensure your safety by providing ESD products.  The importance increases even more in industries like electronics, aerospace and semi-conductor industries.  The solution to ESD prevention is effective grounding in accordance with high quality control techniques.

We have a huge experience in serving the automobile, electronic and pharmaceutical industries. We ensure that our customers do not face any sort of inconvenience and that is why we have one source shopping model. It diminishes the requirement to co-ordinate various manufacturers.  Your one call will get the job done.

To be satisfied with our products, you can also order free samples and that will be provided to you in a short period of time. We provide 1-2 pieces of a particular product and actual production bags are sent to clients to test them at no charge at all.

We believe in customer satisfaction and provide them with quality products. Our products go through quality checks and we would like to tell that we are the lone manufacturers to provide independent testing at the research lab of a renowned university. We also support the Global Society for Contamination Control (GSFCC) which is working towards advance contamination control through collaboration and exchange of knowledge.

Thus, you can order for a variety of cleanroom products, cleanroom mats and many other products easily online and fulfill your aspiration for a healthy and safe environment.


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